Do You Really Know Anything about What You Eat?

The truth is most non-vegetarians are just oblivious to what they are eating and where what they are eating came from. However, in some cases non-vegatarians  just pretend to be oblivious to how the meat they are consuming came from.

The vast majority of the meat that is consumed by non-vegetarians comes from a very cruel, inhumane process, at least in my opinion. What you see in a beautiful and appealing, nicely packed package of meat at a shelf of your local supermarket is nothing but murder neatly packed into a a package for you to consume.

So is it that you support murder? Is it that you just don’t care enough for other living beings? I urge you to ask yourself what good it is that comes out of consuming meat apart from “taste” or “protein” because that is a lie. You want taste or protein? Well then there is an abundant number of vegetarian options you can pursue that will give you “taste” and “protein”.

All in all, it is extremely important to create this awareness. To be aware of what you consume. To be aware of how exactly you got what you consumed. To be aware of the harsh truths behind these massive meat industries and slaughterhouses. So common now, be aware would you?!