A Meat Eater’s Perception on Vegetarianism

cropped-eatvegetarian.pngMost non-vegetarians are generally under the assumption that if you are a vegetarian, then that means you only eat items such as salads; that is absolutely incorrect. Salads are not an appetizing option regardless of whether you are a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian. Vegetarians have thousands and thousands of dishes to choose from just like non-vegetarians do. Every single cuisine you can possible think of comprises of vegetarian options. Vegetarian options are not inferior options. Vegetarian options are nothing but a dish without meat. It has nothing to do with worse tastelessness.

I encourage you to go to one of your favorite restaurants once and try out one of their vegetarian options instead of their meat options. I am sure you will be satisfied, and if not, then try out your second favorite restaurant. There are thousands of vegetarian dishes out there that will suit your taste and need, you just need to find them. Another option can be just cooking yourself. A great place to find recipes is the internet itself. You can try find new and innovative dishes, or whatever that may you may find appealing.

I have been vegetarian my WHOLE life. Personally, I have never eaten or touched meat. You may be thinking that I am crazy and missing out on the “good” food, which is meat, but the truth is I am more than happy and satisfied that I have been vegetarian. Which human does not like to eat tasty food? Because I indubitably do, in fact I am a big foody myself. Believe when I say there is tasty food for vegetarians, hence why I have had no need to pursue meat options. But let me clarify the fact, that we do not live to eat, we eat to live. So we do not need meat to live, we can survive solely on plant based foods. I ask you one thing, why do you want to satisfy your stomach with the murder of another living organism. Therefore, open your mind, start experimenting, start realizing what is virtuous and what it not, what really matters in life and what doesn’t.