You Have a Choice, They Don’t!


We are humans, we are not animals. Our thinking is higher class and much more superior. So why do you want to think like an animal? Simply just look at what is around you – we have all sorts of things like technology, skyscrapers, imagination, we have millions of things that animals do not. Animals are restricted to be able to perform only a certain number of things. Their brains are only capable of doing so much and only capable of making certain choices for their survival. This is not the case when it comes to humans. We are capable of making all sorts of choices, we can choose how we want to live our life and survive, we can choose our lifestyle. I feel we as a human race should make choices where other living beings are not sacrificed for our sake.

Tell me this, if we have a choice of saving someone’s family member and life, then why ignore that choice and take that family member and life. Just imagine for a second, if a member of your family was grasped from you for the sole purpose of someone’s satisfaction, now would that be fair? Would that be moral? I guess you can never truly understand the extent of hurt it can cause until it actually happens. So for that same reason, make moral choices my friend! Think, think, think!

We are humans, we are smart, and we can make our own choices. We should all live in peace with one another, for the betterment of us and everything around us. We can all contribute to make this earth we share a better place. We can all reduce our ecological footprint. All it takes is awareness, and acting on that awareness. We have choices! We can make choices!